Should you experience any malfunctions or problems with your heating system or air conditioning unit, contact us at Metro Heating and Cooling. We will send our trained technicians to your home to fully assess the issue and give you the best possible guidance on the next step to take.

With regular maintenance of your air conditioner you can help prevent costly repairs. Filters should be changed monthly and thermostat temperatures should be monitored to save energy while you’re out. In the case of a blown fuse, frozen coils, unusual noise or leaking water with regard to your air conditioner, it is best to contact a licensed professional for a consultation and possible repair.

When it comes to your heating system it is important to get your units serviced annually. This is the most cost effective way to avoid repairing or even replacing expensive parts. Ducts should be cleaned every three years and coils should be cleaned annually. This will improve airflow and air quality in your home and allow the system to run more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills. Should you experience any strange smells in your home such as burnt dust, if there is a warning displayed on your thermostat, if there is no heat and your system is blowing cold air or if you hear strange noises then you may need to have your system assessed for repair.

At Metro Heating and Cooling, we have experience with all major brands of heating and air conditioning manufacturers. Our trained technicians work hard to ensure that every job is treated with the utmost priority, getting your home back to it the level of comfort you are used to for you and your family.