Common AC Repair Problems

Unfortunately, air conditioners often fail at any time and without any warning.  Living in an area like Texas, which sees very high temperatures during the summer months, you quickly become aware of what life is like without your unit.  Besides the physical discomfort, your energy efficiency and air quality also significantly drop.

Sometimes, you would rather not wait a couple days for the professionals to arrive.  Fortunately, there are a few minor fixes anyone with basic handyman skills can make.  Take a minute and learn some ways you can fix your unit:

Your air conditioner is making a wailing noise.  The loud noise is typically caused by a displaced fan belt.  Simply place it back in the spot it belongs and check the bearings, which may need lubrication and possibly even replacement.
Your unit is leaking water inside your house.  You don’t want to ignore this one, as it can cause mold or mildew, two significant health hazards.  Check the condensation pan to see if it has rusted out and then examine the drain to make sure no blocks are diverting water into your house.
The grills are blocked.  This is quite possibly the most common cause of an improperly working air conditioning unit.  Wipe down the grill, fan, motor, and any other parts that may not be operating as they should.

By checking these two simple problems, you can ensure a great level of air quality and energy efficiency in your home.  Nothing is better than a comfortable temperature when the elements outside are a little more extreme.

Some Problems You Should Leave to the Professionals

You can’t repair every problem yourself.  Maybe you can, but you’ve quickly realized that you simply don’t have the time to fix those things on your own.  There is one problem that can be quite complex and that may be better left to the professionals.

The air conditioner is not cooling, which harms your energy efficiency.  In order to more accurately pinpoint the true cause of this problem, which is not easy, you will have to:

  • Examine to see if the fan and compressor are running together
  • Observe if the unit is working all of the time, or just some of the time
  • Determine if the unit cools your home too much, or not enough

Odds & Ends You May Not Know about AC Repair

  • If the machine is weak or completely ineffective, a Freon leak may be the true cause.
  • If your unit shuts off before cooling the room properly, the thermostat is most likely to blame.
  • If circuit breakers fail every time your unit runs, the unit may be short-circuited to the ground.

Call a Professional If You Don’t Know What to Do

But be sure to call multiple professionals.  Get multiple estimates for the job, and ask them what they think is wrong.  Don’t necessarily work with the cheapest bidder.  Your energy efficiency and air quality is not worth sacrificing.  Work with the professional you trust the most – he’ll save you the most hassle, and money, in the long run.