According to the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), the average American spends approximately ninety percent of their time indoors, where the concentration of some pollutants are often two to five times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. In fact, indoor air quality is among the Environmental Protection Agency’s top three health concerns. That is quite a staggering thing to consider and something that most of us overlook on a daily basis. Indoor air quality can be described simply as how pure the air you breathe is in your home. It goes without saying that it is important for the health of you and your family to ensure that you maintain a high level of air purity in your home.

Keeping your home well ventilated is the first step that most home owners can take in order to improve air quality. Ventilation is what transfers air from outside your home to inside your home, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the process. Both heating and cooling systems force air through your home but don’t necessarily refresh the air when doing so. Opening windows when possible, changing your filters regularly and maintaining clean ducts are all steps which you can take to improve the air quality in your home.

As a home owner, you can take further action to purify the air in your home by installing an air purifier. An air purifier will eliminate air pollutants, smoke, bacteria, viruses, odors and mold which can all influence air contamination. Eliminating these factors not only improves your air quality but will improve your health too. For more information on our indoor air quality services contact us at Metro Heating and Cooling.